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​​​​Your suspension needs service about every 30 to 40 hours.

If you're a serious racer, it's even more often.

Look for our Box Van at the track for setting sag and clicker advice, (Glen Helen, Milestone and most SoCal tracks).

We can also service and revalve at the track by appointment.

​Check our events calendar to find out where we are going to be!


We offer high quality service to any and all makes and models of jet skis and jet boats.  From basic maintenance to watercraft customizations, We have a solution for you.

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We will post weekly what track we will be at...

Ensure that your motorcycle receives the finest care available from our Race Technicians

​​​Do you want to make your UTV perform the way it ought to be? Are you looking for a reliable service provider that will offer the best UTV suspension products and services in order to meet your unique need? ​

Shock Therapy Racing Shock Services
Just like with the forks we can service them, which should also be done every 30 to 40 hrs. Also if you choose to go with are custom revalve you will get a true custom revalve not just a spec out of a book that ever one that is your weight gets. We truly build the shock to meet your needs. You can be confident your suspension will work awesome after STR has serviced  or revalved it.

Shock Therapy Works Suspension Kit
STR works kit is the next best thing to a true factory works suspension for a fraction of the price. We can kashima coat or hard anodize the fork tubes and shock body for less friction, diamond light coat(DLC) the lower fork tubes and shock shaft, works style pistons and  spring perches. We can replace the stock bottom out bumper with a heavy duty one, on Showas we have a 18mm  A-kit shaft kit .We also have works clevis with much finer rebound adjustments

​​Fork Rebuild
Should be done every 30 to 40 hrs for best performance. When We rebuild your forks, we completely disassemble them. Then We polish the fork tubes, inspect all wear parts, replace fork & dust seals, bushings if needed, any fatigued valving shims. We reassemble forks with all OEM parts and the highest quality fork oil.

Fork Revalve
The stock suspension has a generic set up due to the fact that they don't know who is going to be riding the bike and what they are going to be doing with it.
The wrong spring rate and valving results in a ride that is harsh or bottoms, is unpredictable, has less traction and cornering ability. All this means lack of control and confidence.
At STR we will modify the internal dampening (this is called revalving) to give you a customized set up for your weight, ability, riding style and type of terrain you ride or race on. The support does not stop there, We will work with you if you have any problems, over the phone or at the track if possible.

Shock Therapy Racing Suspension Services