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​​​​Your suspension needs service about every 30 to 40 hours.

If you're a serious racer, it's even more often.

Look for our Box Van at the track for setting sag and clicker advice, (Glen Helen, Milestone and most SoCal tracks).

We can also service and revalve at the track by appointment.

​Check our events calendar to find out where we are going to be!


We offer high quality service to any and all makes and models of jet skis and jet boats.  From basic maintenance to watercraft customizations, We have a solution for you.

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We will post weekly what track we will be at...

Ensure that your motorcycle receives the finest care available from our Race Technicians

​​​Do you want to make your UTV perform the way it ought to be? Are you looking for a reliable service provider that will offer the best UTV suspension products and services in order to meet your unique need? ​

At STR Motorsports / Shock Therapy

At the the age of 9 my parents bought me my first bike, (Yamaha mini enduro 60). I hit the desert and tracks with my dad. In 1979 on a KX 250 I started racing Motorcross at Saddleback and escape country. In the early 80's I turned Pro.​

I always did all my own work on my bikes but never the suspension, it was a mystery; In the late 80's I met Bill Thomas He talk me into doing my suspension. After that I would go over his house every night to hang out and learn, He taught me how the shock and forks worked. I had no Idea that would be the start of Shock Therapy. To this day I still ride & race weekly, I take great pride in my work I test all the time to come up with the best possible suspension. It is definitely a mission of mine to make my stuff work better than the rest. I guarantee it or I will work with you until it is.

​​​I have been in the suspension business since the mid 80's. I will service your suspension and inspect components or completely rebuild and revalve. Our limited satisfaction guarantee ensures that you will end up with the exact suspension tuning for your riding style and needs.

Our research is conducted in real time; We ride & race a wide variety of bikes in all riding conditions. Our goal is to know your needs & give you the best custom-tuned suspension and engine service available. 

​​Enjoy your ride,
Steve Piattoni (Shockdoc)

Let us work for you!

In addition to suspension tuning, we will build your engine with the right blend of horse power and torque to give you a competitive advantage on starts, straights and hills on the track or trail. We are an experienced full service shop and offer engine mods, porting, transfer case matching, big bore kits and can service your transmission, crank and top end, 2 or 4 stroke.

Weather you ride on the track, trail or street, we are committed to giving you a smooth ride with outstanding service and quick turn around. Whatever your needs, we have a solution. Let us work for you.

Weather you ride on the track, trail or street, we are committed to giving you a smooth ride with outstanding service and quick turn around. Whatever your needs, we have a solution.